Our Mission

Combining the power of the KinetiSol Platform with cutting edge AI tools and drug discovery methods: Our mission is to transform drug discovery into a completely solubility agnostic process, enabling exploration of previously unexplored chemical space to find potent new medicines.

The Problem of Insolubility in Drug R&D

Many validated clinical targets with known biology can only be effectively treated by incredibly insoluble drugs

These potent, insoluble drugs can’t achieve therapeutic concentrations or hit clinical targets in humans without a new enabling technology

Consequently, the Pharma Industry avoids insoluble drug chemistries…..so many drugs go UNDISCOVERED

We harness KinetiSol® technology to enable even the most insoluble drug chemistries

Developing the most potent, insoluble drugs against this large and growing set of difficult-to-drug validated targets…a large, fertile field

Kinetisol Technology

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