Austhera Biosciences

Austhera Biosciences is a clinical stage pharmaceutical development company headquartered in Georgetown, TX. Austhera has a transformative drug discovery platform which fundamentally alters the therapeutic promise of poorly absorbed drugs and opens to new discovery a significant arena of validated targets that have been ignored by large pharma since drugs designed for these targets would not be druggable under current technologies. This platform has now been validated in a portfolio of late-stage clinical assets with near-term, commercial promise, each demonstrating the therapeutic potential of the platform. This combination of transformative platform and ongoing clinical programs has created the opportunity for Austhera to rapidly build a pipeline of novel NCE’s for oncology and rare disease in the unexplored arena of validated targets addressable only by highly insoluble drugs. Austhera Biosciences, Inc. has licensed the lead 5 product development programs of DisperSol Technologies. Austhera also has full rights to use DisperSol’s KinetiSol technology platform in drug discovery to find and develop insoluble new chemical entities (NCEs) of significant therapeutic promise.


The Convergence of Kinetic Force and

Drug Discovery

Operating since 2006

$100M+ total invested to date

Validated by Pharmas

Operating “Under the Radar” until NOW

4 Clinical Stage Products; 1 Preclinical

Exclusive Licenses:

Phase III


Phase II


Phase I


Phase I



Drug Discovery Platform

Disruptive; Validated; Powerful

Redefining rules of drug discovery & development

to unlock the FULL potential of insoluble molecules