A transformative drug discovery platform fundamentally altering the therapeutic promise of poorly absorbed drugs.

Leading to near-term value creation:

A portfolio of late-stage clinical assets with near-term, commercial promise, demonstrating the therapeutic potential of the platform.

Enabling long-term value creation:

Rapidly build a pipeline of novel NCE’s for oncology and rare disease in the unexplored arena of validated targets addressable only by highly insoluble drugs.

Austhera: Redefining drug discovery to unlock the FULL potential of insoluble molecules

Austhera is a mid-clinical stage pharmaceutical development company with a robust pipeline in oncology and rare disease. We are dramatically expanding the potential of pharmaceutical R&D by unlocking the insoluble chemical space to successful drug discovery and development.


Traditional drug development paradigms avoid exploring the insoluble chemical space because these drugs can’t be delivered at therapeutically effective concentrations in humans.


Austhera utilizes a disruptive technology platform that can enable development of these insoluble drug leads. Why does this matter? This matters because for many of the disease targets of most interest to medicine, the better a drug binds to the target the more insoluble it is. Avoiding insoluble drugs can mean failing to advance the most potent, and in some cases, the only potentially effective medicines.